We offer a full range of services from replacing to cladding over and are able to supply plastic in a range of colours, the most popular being White, Grey, Brown or Black. Fascia, Soffits and Guttering play an important role in keeping your property dry, pest free and well ventilated as such issues can threaten the integrity of your roof structure.

The roofline is a very vulnerable area of your building with constant exposure to the weather elements and hazards such as rotten and decaying timber, blocked gutters and pests.

Maintenance free UPVC is an ideal solution to this problem providing an aesthetically pleasing finish with excellent protection for your home requiring no on- going maintenance, except cleaning. Within the UPVC range you can choose a variety of colours including White, Grey, Brown & Black.

Find out more about each below…

Soffits are the covering which sit between the outer edge of your roof and the adjacent wall of your house. It has both an aesthetic and functional purpose for the building’s roof system, covering the rafters, protecting them and providing ventilation to your building where necessary.

Fascia boards hide the rafters that support your roof and the Soffits butt up to the Fascia creating a finished look and once again protecting the rafters.

Guttering and downpipes are attached to the fascia and are used to collect rainwater from the roof and ensure it drains away efficiently, not pooling in one area.

UPVC Cladding can add a new dimension to the exterior of your property.  There is an extensive range of colours available including White, Grey, Oak & Black.